Top 10 Good Excuses for not doing homework online for Strict Teachers and Parents

Good Excuses for not doing homework online

Completing homework assignments are essential and doing it on time is also important but sometimes we find ourselves struggling to meet deadlines. It can happen. It is very natural but we have to face some consequences like getting punishment from teachers and sometimes our parents. Because of that, we are going to discuss some of the easy, simple, and correct top 10 good excuses to make.

While it’s important to take responsibility for our work, it can be helpful to understand common excuses students make and find new solutions. Here we are going to know about popular excuses for not doing homework and also we are going to discuss strategies to overcome difficulties.

I forgot

Forgetting assignments is common, it happens to everyone and also it is the most frequently used excuse, so you have to be careful when using it. You should have a good reputation in the classroom to work on this. Teachers can understand that you are a good student and this is your not usual mistake. But a difficulty arises when you don’t have a good reputation in the classroom or at least in front of a specific teacher or parent. In this case, we shall suggest you do not use it but if you want to use it then say it like this is your first time and make them believe that you are a good student. Try to involve your friends around you to say good things about you in front of the teacher when you say it.

To avoid forgetting homework, you should use a planner or calendar to keep track of your assignments and set reminders.

I didn’t understand the instructions

The next excuse can be that you say that you don’t understand the instruction given by the teacher or instructor for a particular part and that you didn’t complete your homework.

You can also argue that you couldn’t comprehend the requirements or directions given for the homework. But don’t get too much involved in arguments and try to be respectful to the instructor. So that he can understand you.

I didn’t have proper internet at home

Lack of internet or data is very genuine, but you can use this only when the homework requires internet or research to complete it. You can say to your teacher that you will complete this homework you are given more time and to complete this assignment you will use the library’s internet or your friend’s internet.

Be a good student and seek guidance from the instructor to ensure that you fully understand the requirements of the assignment.

I didn’t have enough time

I didn’t have enough time meant that the student was overwhelmed with other tasks or commitments and couldn’t allocate enough time for homework. This directly suggested that the teacher is not good with students’ work, so try to be smooth with it and don’t say it rudely.

Try to say that you are currently working on it and it will be complete before he knows.

I didn’t have the necessary materials

Being unprepared for assignments and required material can hinder your progress. Make it a habit to check the necessary materials for assignments and gather everything you need. This excuse is right if the homework requires additional materials to complete it.

The dog ate my homework

What can this means that your dog eats your homework? No, this means that you have a pet who starts to play with the homework and before you know it, it gets destroyed.

This can work with dogs, cats, and other house pets.

Sometimes it can also be funny that a dog ate your homework.

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I left my homework notebook at school

This means that you want to do the homework but couldn’t do it because you don’t have a notebook with you at home. Also, you try to find it but you don’t know where you left it.

In this, you can also say that “I left it at home” By this you imply that the student accidentally left their homework at home. They can not submit it today.

To prevent leaving your homework behind, establish a consistent system for organizing your materials. Keep a checklist with you to know what things you have.

I was absent when it was assigned

Students may argue that they missed the class where the assignment was given. You don’t know that you were part of this assignment. But you should have a good answer that why were you absent that day.

Students should try to not miss class to do using a digital alarm. So they have a fixed time to attend class on time.

I had a family emergency

Students may claim that an unexpected family issue comes up and because of that, you don’t have enough time to complete it. This can lead teachers to meet their parents for confirmation about it. Also, this doesn’t work for parents.

I was too stressed

Stress is common in educational fields and most teacher or parents understands it. Saying that you were stressed, can work.

This related stress can be overwhelming but it’s crucial to manage it and sometimes it’s important to take a break.


Students must take responsibility for their academic commitments and develop good study habits. Even though they may commonly use these excuses.

It is not smart to rely on excuses instead students should find alternative solutions for their challenges.

Remember, the key to academic success lies in taking proactive steps toward completing our homework responsibilities.

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