The second admission list of IIT JAM 2023 is out now; get a link, and book your seat before the last date.

The second admission list of IIT JAM 2023

The JAM 2023 second admission list is hosted on the the website. Candidates who are selected in the second admission list need to complete the following steps:

  • Pay the admission fee: Candidates must submit the required admission fee by June 19 and book their seats.
  • It’s important to complete these steps within the specified deadline to ensure your admission. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please let me know!

The JAM 2023 administering body, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, has released the second admission list. It’s a list that shows which students got accepted for admission. The list is available on a special JAM Online Application Processing System (JOAPS) website. If you applied for admission, you can visit the JOAPS website at to check if your name is on the list.

If you find your name on the IIT JAM 2023 second admission list, it means you got a chance to join the IIT JAM 2023 program. You need to pay the admission fee by June 19 and choose your seat. If, for any reason, you change your mind, you can also cancel your seat between June 15 and July 2.”

The people in charge of IIT JAM released the first admission list on June 1. This list tells students who got accepted into the program. As a reminder, the IIT JAM 2023 result was announced on March 21.

How to know the result status of IIT JAM 2023

There are several steps that you have to follow in order to check your result status, these steps are given below.

  1. Visit iit jam site – and open the JOAPS portal.
  2. Put your enrollment ID or email address and password in the portal.
  3. Click on submit to check your second admission status.

JAM is a test for admission to different programs like MSc, Joint MSc-PhD, MSc-PhD Dual Degree, and more at IITs and Integrated Ph.D. Degree programs at IISc Bangalore.

The third list for IIT JAM 2023 will be released on June 26, and the fourth list will be released on July 7, as mentioned on the official website. Shortlisted candidates should participate in the JOAPS process to finish the admission process.

What is the IIT JAM exam about

IIT JAM is a test or exam for graduates who want to study further in their subjects like math, physics, and chemistry. It is an entrance exam for them to get into IIT institutes in the MSc program. They can also get into various other programs like integrated Ph.D. and others (which are specific to their subject.) This is a golden opportunity for students to get into India’s best colleges like IITs and IISc Bangalore.

To be more precise the students can join in MSc, Joint MSc-PhD, MSc-PhD Dual Degree, and other post-UG Degree programs at IITs.

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Eligibility for IIT Jam 2023

Students must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, the eligibility criteria can by vary for different-different programs and institutes. Candidates must check the official notification for detailed requirements.

To apply for IIT JAM, students need to do it online. They go to the JAM website and fill out a form, where they put their information and upload some important documents. They also have to pay a fee to complete the application.

The JAM exam is taken on a computer, like playing a game! It has different types of questions, like choosing from options, selecting multiple answers, and writing numerical answers. The exam usually lasts for three hours. After the exam, the results are announced after a few weeks.

Based on the results, different lists are made to show who got admitted. Those who are selected get to participate in counseling, where they choose their seats, show their documents for verification, and complete the process to get admitted.

IIT JAM is a journey from applying online, taking the exam on a computer, and then getting admitted to a program they like. It’s an exciting process for students who want to continue studying and specialize in their favorite subjects.

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