You can do the PM Kisan status check by Aadhar card and mobile number. 

pm kisan status check aadhar card

PM Kisan status check Aadhar card is essential to know of your status in PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. As you must know 15 installments going to release on November 27, 2023. So you must check your status in PM Kisan yojana to verify, whether you will be able to get benefits or not.

PM Kisan Yojana was launched on December 1, 2018. From that point onward farmers are getting payments/benefits from PM Kisan Yojana. As you know till this date a total no. of 14 installments have been issued by the government of India. PM Kisan Yojana was initially started to give financial support to farmers.

In this scheme, farmers are getting 2 thousand rupees in every quarter. Or you can say 6 thousand every year in their bank accounts.

So you must understand the importance of PM kisan samman Nidhi Yojana and check your name in the list. Also check your PM Kisan status, so that you don’t miss your installment.

The first thing is to know that you can not check your Beneficiary list/status by Aadhar card number or mobile number. What can you do is use your Aadhar card no. and mobile no. to get your registration number. After getting your registration no. you will be able to check your Beneficiary list and status.

PM Kisan status check: By Aadhar card

pm kisan status check aadhar card

To do that you need to first go to PM Kisan Yojana’s official portal then search for “Know your status” and click on it. You will be transferred to a new portal, where you will be able to know your status about PM Kisan Yojana. You need to fill in your registration number here.

To get the registration number you need to click on “know your registration no.” which is written just above the “get data” button.

After clicking on “know your registration no.” you will see two options first will see your registration no. by mobile no. or by Aadhar card number.

PM Kisan Status Check 2023

After giving the number and filling in the captcha, you will be able to get your registration no.

Now you know your registration number, you need to fill in this no. as we mentioned before and after that, you will be able to check your PM Kisan status. 

In short

  1. visit the official PM Kisan website.
  2. Look for the “Know your status” option.
  3. Click on this option to proceed.
  4. You are transferred to a new portal.
  5. This is where you can inquire about your PM Kisan status.
  6. Here, you’ll need to input your registration number.
  7. To obtain your registration number, click on “know your registration no.”
  8. You’ll see two choices: mobile number or Aadhar card.
  9. Select one and enter the required details.
  10. After filling in the information and the captcha, you’ll receive your registration number.
  11. Now that you have your registration number, return to the previous page.
  12. Enter your registration number as instructed earlier.
  13. Finally, you can check your PM Kisan status on the website.

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PM Kisan Village wise Beneficiary List check

To check the Beneficiary list you need to go to the PM Kisan website and then scroll and find the beneficiary list option. You need to click on “ beneficiary list” and then you will be transferred to a new page, where you need to fill in your state, district, sub-district, block, and lastly your village. After that click on “Get Report” and then you will be able to see your Village beneficiary list. Keep in mind that this will be your Village-wise list.

Beneficiary Status 2023

Here in this list you can check your name and get sure about PM Kisan status check.

When will you be able to get PM Kisan’s 15th installment?

PM Kisan’s 15th installment will be released on 27 November 2023. By this date, your name should be on the list, so that you don’t miss this installment. You must check your name in the list and be sure.

Also, you should update your KYC status for PM Kisan on the CSC center or emitra center. 


In conclusion, new farmers should add themselves to PM Kisan Yojana and check their status. To know whether they are on the list or not. Previous farmers who are already enrolled in this yojana should not worry about their status because they are already on the list. But become more sure about your status, you can check your PM Kisan status.

New farmers should add themselves to this list before the 15th installment so that they don’t miss benefits.

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Thank you.

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