How to link Pan Card with Aadhar without any difficulty 

How to link Pan Card with Aadhar without any difficulty

Linking PAN cards with Aadhar has become a crucial requirement for all taxpayers in India. The government has made it mandatory to streamline financial transactions and curb tax evasion effectively. While it may sound like a daunting task, the process is relatively straightforward, and in this blog, we will guide you through the steps to link your PAN card with your Aadhar seamlessly.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the last date to link your Aadhar card was 31 March 2023 and after this date, you have to pay a fee of 1000 rupees to link your Pan and Aadhar cards.

How to apply online for pan card link Aadhar

We have given step by step guide to how you can link a pan card to Aadhar, Follow all these steps and you will be able to link these without any difficulty.

Step 1: Go to the income tax portal

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To begin the process, visit the official Income Tax e-filing portal at Income Tax Portal Ensure you have your PAN card and Aadhar card, as you’ll need the details from both documents.

Check Aadhar PAN Card Link Status Online

There are some categories in which you are not eligible for Aadhaar-PAN linking.

(i) NRIs

(ii) Not a citizen of India

(iii) age > 80 years as of date

(iv) state of residence is ASSAM, MEGHALAYA, or JAMMU & KASHMIR

Refer to Department of Revenue Notification no 37/2017 dated 11th May 2017

Step 2: Give the challan of 1000

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On the e-filing portal, find the “Link Aadhar” option under the “Profile Settings” section. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to a new page where you can generate a challan. The current fee for linking PAN with Aadhar is Rs. 1,000. Click on “Continue to Pay” and then enter your PAN card number and any one mobile number.

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After that, To initiate the payment process, click on “Continue to Pay.” Enter your PAN card number along with any one mobile number. Click on “Continue.” Provide the OTP (One-Time Password) and click “Continue” once more. In the “New Payment” section, opt for the first option, which is “Income Tax.”

Link Aadhar

Please choose “Assessment Year” as 2024-25 and select “Type of Payment” as “Other Receipts (500).” Afterward, click on “Continue.”

Once you generate the challan, proceed to make the payment through the available online payment options. Select your bank and proceed with the payment. Once the payment is completed, a challan will be generated, and you should save it for your records.

Please be aware that the payment update may take some time. Kindly wait for 2 to 3 days before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: make payment

After successfully making the payment, you will receive an acknowledgment number. Use this number to complete the linking process. Once your payment is successfully updated, you can proceed with the final step. To do this, return to the Income Tax portal and click on “Link Aadhar.” Next, provide your PAN card and Aadhar card numbers and validate them.

Enter the necessary details, such as PAN card number, Aadhar number, and acknowledgment number. Double-check the information for accuracy, and click on the “Link Aadhar” button to complete the process.

Check Aadhar PAN Card Link Status Online

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To ensure that the linking process is successful, you can check the status online. Visit the Income Tax e-filing portal, go to the “Link Aadhar” section again, and click on “Check Status.” Enter your PAN card and Aadhar number, and you will receive the status of the linking process. Or go to link Aadhaar Status and give details of your pan and Aadhar, you will be able to see your Aadhar and pan link status.

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Why it is Importance to Link PAN Card to Aadhaar Card

Linking your PAN card with Aadhar is essential for various reasons:

  • Streamlined Financial Transactions: Linking PAN with Aadhar simplifies financial transactions and helps to maintain a centralized record of tax-related activities, reducing the chances of fraud and tax evasion.
  • Filing Income Tax Returns: It is now mandatory to link both documents to file income tax returns. Failing to do so may result in complications during the tax-filing process.
  • Deactivation of PAN Cards Not Linked with Aadhaar: The government has been actively deactivating PAN cards that are not linked with Aadhar. This measure ensures that individuals cannot hold multiple PAN cards, which may be misused for unlawful activities.
  • Tackling the Problem of Multiple PAN Cards: Linking PAN with Aadhar also addresses the issue of individuals possessing multiple PAN cards unintentionally or intentionally. It helps the government identify unique taxpayers and curb potential tax evasion practices.
  • Summarized Details of Taxes Levied: Linking your PAN with Aadhar provides a consolidated view of your tax liabilities and payments. It aids in simplifying the taxation process and ensures accurate reporting of your income.

Linking your PAN card with Aadhar is a simple process that offers significant benefits, such as streamlined financial transactions, easy tax filing, and curbing tax evasion. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your PAN card and Aadhar are successfully linked, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience during tax-related activities. Remember, compliance with this requirement is crucial, and timely action can save you from unnecessary complications in the future.

Please remember that tax laws and regulations can change over time. Therefore, it is essential to seek advice from a qualified tax professional or refer to official government websites for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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