How to order a PVC Aadhar card by UIDAI Portal with just 50 rupees. 

pvc aadhar card

PVC Aadhar card is very important because it is durable, pocket-sized, and easy to carry with Tamper proof QR Code in it.

UIDAI gives the option to have a PVC Aadhar card by applying online without going to CSC or an emitra center with just 50 rupees.

Yes, you heard that right you can have a PVC Aadhar card just for 50 rupees. Whereas if you go to a CSC center or emitra shops sometimes they provide PVC cards by manually making them but they charge way too much.

To have your PVC card cheap or we should say 50 rupees, you should apply for a PVC Aadhar card online through UIDAI.

As you can understand UIDAI started this online service named “Order Aadhar PVC card”. People who want to order their PVC card can order it by your registered mobile number or using some alternative number.

Let’s start with our step-by-step process.


How can PVC Aadhar cards be ordered online?

First, you have to go to the UIDAI official portal. You have to click on “My Aadhar” on the menu bar, which is at the top of the portal. After that, you have to find and click on “Order PVC Aadhar card”. You will be transferred to a new portal where you have to “log in” by using your Aadhar no. and mobile no.

When you log in new service page opens, where many services related to the Aadhar card will appear. Now, select and click on “OrderAadharPVC”

download Aadhar card pdf

Now you have to verify your details and check if there are some errors, if think there is some mistake or error in your Aadhar card then you should update your Aadhar card and then apply for card.

If you verify and all details are correct then you can proceed ahead. Make payment for the card which is 50 rupees. After completing all these steps you will be able to get your card at your home after some time.

If you are wondering how many days you have to wait for. The answer is you should wait for a minimum of 1 week.


How to Check the Status of PVC Aadhar card Status by SRN.

If you have applied for a PVC card and you still haven’t got it yet then you can check your card status by following the given steps.

First to the same as we mentioned above, go to the UIDAI portal then go to My Aadhar after that click on Chech Aadhar card Update Status.

You will be transferred to a new page where you have to fill in your SRN Number, enrolment ID, or URN to check your status. You were given these numbers when you first applied for a PVC Aadhar card or when you applied for an Aadhar card.

You must have these numbers to check your status, if lost or forgot your EID then you can get it back by your registered mobile no.

After filling in your EID and captcha, you can now see your status.


Why you should consider having it?

Why should you consider having a PVC Aadhar card is the basic question that comes to mind while searching for it. Why you should invest your time and money in it when you can have a normal Aadhar card?

So let us give you an answer.

The first thing is this PVC card is very strong compared to a normal Aadhar card which means, it will be long-lasting. This card comes with Tamper tamper-proof QR Code, hologram, and ghost image with the issue date and print date. It also has Guilloche pattern and an Embossed Aadhar logo.

This card is pocked size which makes it easier to carry as a normal Aadhar card. It also gives the vibes of a Debit card. </p><p>This card has many features, so you should consider applying for a PVC Aadhar card.


Can you make changes to your Aadhar card after applying for a PVC card?

Yes, you can change these details after you apply for a PVC Aadhar card.  You should keep in mind that your ordered PVC card may not have this correction you made.

So you should update your details in your Aadhar card before applying for it. By doing that you ensure that your PVC card has the right details on it.



In conclusion, you should consider applying for a PVC card and keep that in mind “Update your Aadhar card before you apply for a PVC card”. You should also know that your PVC card will take some time to deliver to you. So you should have some patience.

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